Why should your school

upgrade to theSMARTsub?

Find the BEST substitute for the subject

theSMARTsub technology automatically reaches out to the teachers who are the best match based on their education and experience FIRST. With theSMARTsub, the days of having a Gym Teacher cover Spanish class are over.

Save your school hundreds of work hours

In most schools, one person is required to wake up early and call substitutes over and over to find someone to work. Now, there’s a better way (that doesn’t require anyone to wake up at 4am).

High level reporting, made easy

Accurate, automatic and on demand reports are available to you at the click of a button so you can see exactly how many calls have been made, to whom, and how the sub responded. No more guessing.

Set-up takes only 5 minutes

We’ve streamlined the set-up process so that you won’t waste any time in getting your school up and running.

See and Hear it work!

Wondering what it takes to onboard

your teachers and substitutes?

theSMARTsub’s 3S Advantage ©


Hover over each step to see how simple we've made in the screen on the right!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Notify

2. Pick

3. Paste

That's it - you're up and running in less than 5 minutes!

**Our award winning Customer Success Team will even do this for you!**


Notify employees and subs that your school will be trying theSMARTsub.
Chose your method. Email, Letter or Meeting.
Why? If the first interaction your employees and subs get is an email from theSMARTsub asking them to signup— they will view it as SPAM and will not register…

*Administrators can download example notices upon registration

Pick your “Go Live” Date: This is the day you want theSMARTsub to start making placements within your school.
We suggest at least a 1 week lead time after your notices go out. This allows everyone to register and get familiar with the system.
Paste employee and substitutes email address into theSMARTsub. Customized emails invite users to register.
Don’t have your substitutes emails? That’s okay! Paste their phone numbers into theSMARTsub and the system calls them with instructions on how to register!!
Seriously! It’s that easy!

Maximize learning by making it easy for teachers and substitutes to collaborate the day's assignments

We know your teachers always have lesson plans prepared and ready for emergencies—but on the off chance they don’t—teachers can deliver lesson plans, share documents or send notes to the substitute and administrators

Available with the full version of theSMARTsub

Happy educators are more effective educators—Everybody Wins

Allowing your teachers to choose their preferred substitutes instills confidence and a level of comfort for all parties—including students

Available with the full version of theSMARTsub

Our award winning customer success team

(known in our office as THUGS—because they get things done!)

is available every step of the way to ensure smooth onboarding for your school

and continue to respond to all inquiries within hours!