Teaching is hard.

Substitute scheduling made easy.

theSMARTsub provides automated sub-calling and reporting that saves schools 360 work hours and 12,474 phone calls per school year

We've earned an A+ from:

Automated Calling

We take care of all the phone

calls so your staff doesn't have to

Instantly create comprehensive reports

Track every call with the push of a button

Instantly create comprehensive report

Track every call with the push of a button

Real-time access of every call and absence

Everything you can ask for in one convenient place

theSMARTsub by the Numbers

Absences Processed for Schools
Contacts to Substitutes School Personnel did not have to make
Work Hours We Have Saved School Staff
Time to Fill Most Absences
3m 31s
Quickest Absence Filled
0m 17s

Just For Fun

Top 5 Best Teacher Excuses

  • I am going to Florida to see the Chiefs play.

  • I will be getting married tomorrow!!

  • Working on a Parade Float

  • Hunting with son

  • DR appt at 10 AM. Hopefully back after lunch. Never know...

Best Attempt to Game the System

Not sure how this counts - Probably as a personal

day - I am presenting at a conference.

It's an English paper...

can we call it PD? hehe. On a more serious note,

can I get hours for it? I'll be there all day.

Worst "Pep Talk" Left for a Substitute

  • Do not allow the students to just do anything within the classroom because they will try.
  • Bathroom as a class unless i left their name for you to let them go.
  • NO ONE is to be at or behind my desk at any time.
  • All students are to raise their hands to be attended to.
  • Students are to always line up before entering the hallway. You must stay with them in the hallway (SILENT HALLWAYS).